*The information on this page applies to orders shipped to locations other than Japan and Taiwan.

Important Notice

【About your orders on the old Goodsmile Online Shop】
You can only change your shipping address and update your payment information of your orders on the old Goodsmle Online Shop.
On the new Online Shop, you cannot change your shipping address or update the payment information of the items you ordered on the old Online Shop.

About shipping and shipping costs

  • If you preorder an item, there is a shipping charge of 18 USD (tax included) for each type of item in that transaction.
  • If you preorder the same item in a separate transaction, the order number will be different, resulting in an additional 18 USD (tax included) shipping charge for the new order number.
  • If you purchase the same item multiple times using different transactions, each purchase will be shipped at a cost of 18 USD (tax included).
  • If you preorder different products from the same series of products on the same product page, an order number will be issued for each type of product or character. Each order number will be shipped separately and shipping costs will be charged per order number.
  • If you order in stock item, it will cost 18 USD (tax included) per order.
  • If you order pre-ordered items with different release dates at the same time, we will ship them sequentially, not in bulk nor combined.
  • Once the shipment date is confirmed, we will notify you by email to your registered email address (you can also check the release date on our official website).
  • After the shipment is completed, we will send details such as your tracking number and other shipping related details to your registered email address.
  • Our company will not be liable for any reason if the delivery cannot be successfully completed with the shipping information you've provided.
  • We do not accept specified shipping date requests and shipping postponement requests.
  • As for the in-stock items, we will ship them within a week(Japanese business days applies) after receiving your order.
  • If there are any stain or damage to the package box at the time of delivery, please contact the shipping company's customer support for claims.The packaging is designed to protect the product. We regret that damage to the package itself does not warrant a replacement. We will refuse all claims regarding damaged packaging.

Changing the order's shipping address

  • If there is a change in the shipping address information, it is necessary to change the shipping address information of each order number (* 1).
  • If you change the shipping address information registered in your account, the shipping address of the ordered item will not change. Be sure to change the shipping address information directly for each order number (for each item).

【When ordering from the old Goodsmile Online Shop】

  • If you order multiple items at the same time, you will be issued one order number at a time.
    If you order three types of products at the same time in a single order(single check out), you will receive one order number.
    If you change the shipping address for one order number, the delivery address for all three types of products will be changed.

【When ordering from the new Online Shop】

  • If you order multiple items at the same time, an order number will be issued for each item.
     If you order three items at the same time in a single order (single check-out), you will be issued three order numbers.
     If you want to change the delivery address of all 3 types of products, you need to change the address of each item [once per order number, three times in total].

About receiving your order

  • The shipping deadline (storage deadline) is generally one week from the time the package has been processed at customs clearance.
    Please always check the tracking information of your package using your preferred tracking site and directly communicate with the shipping courier in charge of the package's delivery for further information.
  • Please note that customs clearance deadlines also differ, and you will need to directly contact the shipping courier or your country's customs office for further information.
  • If the shipment is not received and the storage period has passed, the package will be returned to us.
  • If there is an issue, such as not being able to receive the package within the assigned storage period, we are unable to extend the storage deadline.Please contact the shipping company by providing your tracking number to see if they can accommodate your request.