This notice is to inform you that release dates for the following products have been decided.

Shipping out from the 21st of June 2024 (Arrival at Wholesale stores on the 24th of June 2024):
Good Smile Company - POP UP PARADE Shiro: Concert Ver. L Size (JAN: 4580416948951)
Good Smile Company - POP UP PARADE Schwi: Concert Ver. L Size (JAN: 4580416948968)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Yahagi Kai Ni (JAN: 4580590178649)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Noriko Takaya (JAN: 4580590178762)
Good Smile Company - figma Eivor (JAN: 4580590176560)
Good Smile Company - MODEROID NIRVASH type ZERO (JAN: 4580590187696)
Good Smile Company - MODEROID Demonbane: Shantak Set (JAN: 4580590184992)
Good Smile Company - MODEROID Demonbane (JAN: 4580590184985)
Good Smile Arts Shanghai - POP UP PARADE Ushio Kofune (JAN: 4580416948371)
ORANGE ROUGE - Harmonia humming Osamu Dazai (JAN: 4580590181762)
ORANGE ROUGE - Harmonia humming Chuya Nakahara (JAN: 4580590181755)
Max Factory - Yukihana Lamy (JAN: 4545784043639)
Max Factory - Nendoroid Alexander (JAN: 4545784069042)
KADOKAWA - Kana Arima (JAN: 4935228687596)

Shipping out from the 24th of June 2024:
Good Smile Company - POP UP PARADE Ichigo Kurosaki (JAN: 4580416949118)
Good Smile Company - POP UP PARADE Uryu Ishida (JAN: 4580416949125)
Good Smile Company - POP UP PARADE David (JAN: 4580416948739)
Good Smile Company - POP UP PARADE Lucy (JAN: 4580416948746)
Good Smile Company - POP UP PARADE Rebecca (JAN: 4580416948753)
Good Smile Company - POP UP PARADE Kirby (JAN: 4580416949187)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Shiori Fujisaki (JAN: 4580590178168)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Ichika Nakano: Wedding Dress Ver. (JAN: 4580590178670)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Nino Nakano: Wedding Dress Ver. (JAN: 4580590178755)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Miku Nakano: Wedding Dress Ver. (JAN: 4580590179042)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Bob (JAN: 4580590179387)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Hitori Gotoh (Rerelease) (JAN: 4580590179295)
Good Smile Company - MODEROID Full Power Gridknight (JAN: 4580590188648)
Max Factory - PLAMAX Separate Tool Set (JAN: 4545784001097)
Phat! Company - Shiro: Hot Spring Ver. (JAN: 4560308575854)
FREEing - Mammon: Bunny Ver. (JAN: 4570001512322)
INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS - Nohr Noble Corrin (JAN: 4589875324252)
1000Toys - Nendoroid Doc (Emmett Brown) (JAN: 4589801391648)

Shipping out from the 25th of June 2024:
Sega - CHAINSAW MAN Figure Power & Meowy (JAN: 4580779527718)

Other products not mentioned yet are still in the final stages of quality control and as soon as we have a set date we will inform you.

Please note that the actual date of products releasing in stores will differ depending on your location.

Weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances may also delay products.
We will inform you as soon as possible in the case that products are delayed.